Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Web is where it's at


My website is up, designed on Indexhibit a templated web helper. It's simple and shows my work well, however I would like to create one on Dreamweaver at a later date. I wanted thumbnails down the left hand side but couldn't have them! I realise all my promo stuff has .com not .host22.com I will rectify this before the exhibitons.


Another promotional thing I have done is create a beer bottle with my contact info and designs on them. I designed and sent of for the labels, bought the bottles online. They are filled with alcohol free lager shandy because I don't want to have to ID people and alcohol is expensive! I think it is ironic how I'm giving out alcohol free beer and yet all my imagery is of drunken people! I made up the bottles and will give them out at exhibitions, up to you whether you want to drink or keep!

Promo BEER MAT business cards

 So for promotional materials I designed and sent away for 1000 beer mat business cards! Really fits with the project-nightlife. I am really happy with them, they have my info/self portrait and logo on one side and an illustration of 'grouped' on the other. I hope they are a bit different and will help me get remembered at exhibitions.

The Final Installment

This image is actually 4 A1 pages put together! so pretty big. The technique was putting the pages up on my wall and sketching straight on to it in pencil. Getting all the characters the right proportions and in the right place was a challenge but I'm glad I did it big as it's pretty epic. It's a sum up of the whole project, a drunken view of society. A hellish view of what happens at night. The imagery is fresh and exciting, there is so much to look at. I am very happy.


This is a character and body study, a different experiment. Allowing room for the whole figure meant I could concentrate more on the clothing and stereotype I am trying to portray. Having to explore the different heights of the characters to break up the page was new and fun. I love this image as much as the crowd images. It has a real sense of society.

A take on Gulliver's Travels

At first I thought about creating an image that involved a man passed out from alcohol and adding little figures doing weird, gross stuff to him. Then I realised it's much like Gulliver's Travels! The way there is a huge figure mixed with lots of little ones. So they are having their night out on him, or doing things to him that you might do when you've drunk. The little people could be a metaphor for what we put our bodies through. The people could be like the alcohol-controlliing him. The format is huge. The person is life size in reality. The image is very different to the crowd scenes, which make my portfolio look more vast in the styles that I can do.

Let's go get a kebaby

Everybody wants to eat after they've drunk, it's a fact. This location is essential to my project. Another narrative scene, experimenting with a hint of surrealism- the chilli through the tongue for example. Used stereotypes and the same style that is consistent through out this project. I have also drawn this because I want to include some aspect of kebab eating/kebab shop in my final image.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Self Portrait

This is drawn from photo of moi, obviously a little intoxicated and knowing me, this pose would have happened! I wanted to chose a funny image and one that shows not to take yourself too seriously, my work is very humorous and I want this to come across. The reason I drew this is that I'm thinking about putting it on my promotional material for the project.

Adding and thought process for the final.

Thinking about the final to be a large scale image, a few meters by a few meters, i wanted to try out the process of fitting the A1 pieces together. I drew on from the 'a shambles' piece as you can see below. It works okish, but 'a shambles' was already finished so I had to work with what I already had. The characters added to the bottom had to be large so they could fit with the scale. The real thing will obviously be designed and calculated before hand so the character sizing will work better.

To change format

I decided to experiment with a format that I've used in the past. Long and thin. These two images actually are a piece of A1 cut in half length ways and they fit together. The influence or research I've tried to include is again off the survey...mainly things people have found shocking or funny. I don't particularly like it the way they are, they need to have more imagery in background which I will do later and post up. They don't flow very well and lack excitement.

Drugy View

I sent a survey out for research, asking what people get up to nights out, what they have seen; both shocking and funny, and what they have seen on drugs(if they do them). It was fun and interesting to read the results! It just shows how society changes at night. This image here is one made from the results of the drug asked question. I tried to include most of the imagery that was described to me. Pingu, a chinese dragon, a hand splitting in half.... This works well I think as people can relate, and including some 'normal' looking people means that it is half surreal, half not. A balance between the previous 'so very surreal' scene and the 'a shambles' scene. It's visually simulating. In the final I think I need this mix of surreal.

SO very surreal

So I was doodling one day in my sketchbook and drew this weird scene. It refers nightlife in a brisk, hellish way, influenced by Sam Bell's illustrations. I then drew it on A1 paper. I'm not sure how I came up with it, but I think it's different from previous work as there isn't a strong sense of foreground and background, also the surrealness brings a different element. A view on how some people can change or how people seem different when they're influenced. I like it as a one off, but don't think I will continue with THIS much surreal imagery.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Sketchbook Page- Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress is my guilty pleasure. It makes for a more entertaining night, and especially with a themed venue aswell. I'm sure most people will have done fancy dress in some way or another, whether it's trying on a silly hat or going the full hog! Patterns, colours and face paint! This image was a try out page of some fancy dress, I think the patterns and accessories excite the page, as well as the line quality working well. I will definately contribute fancy dress to the final images.

Sketchbook Page- A Queue

So here is the queue try out. I quite like the perspective but if I do it again I would need it to be longer with more interesting characters.. I like it but it is not as strong as the other crowd images I have done. If I do it again it would need to be longer and more exciting.

Andrew Rae

Another image by Andrew Rae, Just wanted to show this as it give me inspiration for the above piece. A queue is the ultimate crowd and shows a lot of people from society.  Rae's image is particularly good as its shows a Star Wars convention, which usually holds plenty of interesting people!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sketchbook Page - Surreal Vibes

Visual exploration into possible surreal themes that could run throughout the images. The top coloured beast is perhaps showing people changing when the've had a drink. I like the shocking value. The bottom, perhaps a metaphor to the drink controlling and changing you. After having a tutorial I have decided to create a life size image of the man, the same theme- passed out, but the people all over him will be having their night out on top of him! I'll keep you posted on how that is going.

Jaki Jo

Jaki Jo is a recently established illustrator, and the above images are from a series called 'Self Portrait', for which she won first prize in the 2008 Student D&AD competition. She is interested in the surreal, black comedy, grotesque. She plays with emotions and taboos. Her images strike me. The choices of imagery are similar to mine... weird, shocking, the cruel and demented society. I am a big fan already, and her colour choices are something I could strive towards.

Inky Drunky Faces

More dip pen and brown ink tries. I like this and think it may be really effective bigger with more faces. However it may not show continuality of my signature style.

Sketchbook Page - Progression

Another smaller try out of following a girl through the night.. It shows that the minimum stages to show this is three. It's short but has a narrative. May be nice to do a longer one.

Sketchbook Page-Celebs

A try out of drawing celebs again. Here you have the Hoff, eating a kebab when drunk and Vern Troyer, driving his scooter into a wall when had a few! Still very unsure that people will recognise what is going on.

David LaChapelle

A photographer I came across the other day. LaChapelle uses popular culture to document America's obsessions and compulsions.
"My hope is that through the narratives told in my images, I will engage people and connect with them addressing the same ideas or questions that possibly challenge them." (LaChapelle, D, http://www.davidlachapelle.com/about/, BIO)
This particular image is called 'Deluge' (2009). He is conveying a material world and how people would act and what they would do if these things were taken away from them. You can see a narrative and he used a crowd scene. It is an inspiring theme, as I'm took looking at something we take for granted, ans a controversial issue - alcohol. Additionally he is using photography and real people as a means for recording the issues- its great to see a different medium being used.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Drunken baby


I'm showing you this video because it is extremely funny. Not only that but it fits to this project very well. It shows that we as a society think drunk people are funny. It can be a stereotype on its too, as obviously the baby is not drunk but the mannerisms of a baby are that of a drunk person. Some of the comments under the video were "standard brit on holiday". Its great that 'drunkness' can be re-anacted in some many contexts!

Monday, 28 February 2011

A Shambles

This image comprises of all things that happen in a nightclub. Pills, sex, drunks, angry birds, rave.  Most of the inspiration and composition came from my experiences in a club or what I've heard/ read about. I think this is my most enjoyable image, the most praise at the crit. Kind of like a 'where's wally', your eyes wonder the A3 paper, finding new, gross, relatable things each time. Done with fine liners of all kinds. I will explore this more, and an idea in the making of exhibition-a massive wall of this. Hope you enjoy!

Drunk reference

Just a few reference photos found on this 'ere internet! Just so you know what I've been looking at these last few weeks! Wonderful/Disgusting.... inspiring.

Confidence and Inhibitions

A lot of people already know the ironic relationship between booze and confidence :

"There is a terrible irony about the relationship between alcohol and self-esteem. You can drink to boost your confidence, and it can work for a long time; but nothing wrecks self-esteem more surely than the realisation that you've become dependent on the stuff"

But keeping in a light-hearted tone, I just wanted to convey the 'gaining confidence when you drink' part. It could have many funny undertones. Everybody knows a quite person, who when has a few, changes to a loud, drunken buffoon! I chose to draw a rather large lady, who after a drink or two, decides to do some witty flirting with someone in the distance. Trying to be sexy is her game; giving the gesture that she can lick her own nipple! LOL but I don't know if people will find this offensive (sorry if you do!) Again black fine liner, I do like the composition and the attention to detail in the bar.

A nocturnal animal

I would think, and it is, quite interesting to follow someone on a night out. Be a fly on the wall. This is what I am trying to communicate in this image. A girl getting ready, through to pre-drinks, through to sniffing coke, through to passing out at the end. It is shown as a crowd of the same person, in a snake-like composition, the smallest person being her at the beginning of the night, to the largest 'head' at the bottom being her at the end of the night. It is done with a thin fine liner for an experiment, unfortunately I don't think this works as a technique entirely well. I will try this with a thicker one :D
( I really have to apologise for the poor/lack of quality with this photographed/photoshopped image, I'll do it again with better light!)

This is a the bottom section of the top image. Light-boxed it is exactly the same but done with dip pen and brown ink. I don't really think this works any better. There is rougher line and it is more messy.

Respond to Facebook

This is an image dedicated to a Facebook page about embarrassing things done when drinking. Here's the link if you want a sneaky peek


In the group they have listed about 20 incidents and I have tried to include as many of these as I could in my image. People all over the world can recognise these intoxicated events which makes it silly and humorous to view. I like how a street, inside a club and inside a bedroom have had to be included-it makes it more surreal (but I still think it needs to be more) The image is drawn with different sized fine liners and marker pens on a A3 white acrylic painted board.
(the image is photographed therefore is not the best quality)

Celebs In Action Part 2

Here is a developed illustration of a few celebs worse for wear... Justin Timberlake, Katie Price and Amy Winehouse. I think I'm going to have to give up on this celeb idea though as if i draw a crowd of celebs, I don't think the audience would entirely recognise who the people at the back were! Also they would need to be have identifiable features - for Winehouse she has her hair/make-up and Price has her boobs - but drawing Timberlake was risky. I proved to be right. At my crit no-one recognised his generic face!

Celebs In Action

Research into the most popular people in our society when they're intoxicated.. It's quite addictive trawling through pages full of these images.. this is why such trashy mags as 'Heat' exist.. its much more entertaining to see images of celebrities off their faces, than your next door neighbour.

The Wine House

Tits Magee

Fancy a kebab Hoff?

Bodies to Dance For

An image done with dip pen and brown ink. Torsos of bodies mashed together, cutting shapes on the dance floor. Like it because it is a little bit confusing, due to the lack of feet and heads, which is generally what a dance floor looks like, you can't tell who's who! The image is decorative, pretty with the patterns but I feel it doesn't say a lot.

Few reference photos

From nights out... which do include friends and random people in bournemouth...so sorry if you're in any!!
These are just a few that work well, and which if I haven't already I will work from.

EMP Ideas/Inspiration/Concepts

So here goes the extended major project! 4 months is a bit daunting but I have chosen something interesting to keep me entertained! I'm continuing with themes from last term as they worked well. developing a signature style is also key for future clients. So still looking at social factors and creating crowd scenes with narratives. My topic is nightlife/alcohol and drugs. creating scenes of this nature means I am commentating on society and peoples lives. I need to involve humour- I DO NOT want to say anything (at the moment) about whether or not these things are bad for you because I like doing these things myself. I'll be looking at how alcohol affects people as a crowd, the behaviour, attitudes and the things they get up to. I will involve stereotypes and things that my audience will recognise as typical scenarios people get up to on nights out, excellent for me as i get to lots of locations research by going out myself! :D

Artists inspiration

Sam Bell

Sam Bell also graduated from Bournemouth. He creates surreal crowd images with a good simple colour scheme, he's inspiring me to be more surreal and I want to try colour like him.

Andrew Rae

Rae also creates crowds but using smaller people and from a different perspective. He comments on society but creating surreal people/things doing regular things like at a party. I want to try different perspectives.

Hieronymus Bosch

Bosch is a 15th century painter and is know for his fantastical use of imagery, he illustrate moral and religious narratives. He is good inspiration as he uses people who look a bit defunct like on alcohol, as you can see above someone being sick-good reference for me. He creates 'hellish' imagery, which for me to do something similar which involves alcohol could be humorous! depicting people intoxicated as 'hellish' creatures!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Birthday card

Here is a design a made to give to a close friend, were we having a space themed party for our birthdays :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Xmas cards

These are funny little doggie xmas cards I created for friends and family, i stupidly however forgot to re-scan them when they were coloured before i sent them off.....oops!

Colour Finals

Taking action shots out of the main image and adding colour. leaving blank space gives interesting comp.