Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Birthday card

Here is a design a made to give to a close friend, were we having a space themed party for our birthdays :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Xmas cards

These are funny little doggie xmas cards I created for friends and family, i stupidly however forgot to re-scan them when they were coloured before i sent them off.....oops!

Colour Finals

Taking action shots out of the main image and adding colour. leaving blank space gives interesting comp.

Final Piece

2nd try-the final piece. Changed format-from portrait to landscape- which works a lot better for this type of image, i now have a clearer composition and the characters stand away from each other more. Love this image, and even better, it won £40 at our silent auction! woo!

1st Try

The first try at composing all my drawings into a narrative scene, i like the way there is a story and a 'social factor' to each of my characters. Not the best, some of the line doesn't make sense and there is not a great deal of composition.

Drawings from Negotiated Practice Project

These are a few out of tons of drawings made for this project, which was 'Nautical Nonsense'. All thinks to do with the sea, using my imagination, references and popular culture.

A recipe for...

Here is my contribution for a zine my year is putting together to raise money for our end of year show. We each made a 'recipe', and the zine is on its way, please help us by purchasing one! you'll get yourself some sweet images!
I chose to illustrate this particular chat show because its quite comical, involves interesting people with interesting stories, and i think pretty much everybody knows about it. The illustration consists of line drawings put together in Photoshop.