Monday, 28 February 2011

EMP Ideas/Inspiration/Concepts

So here goes the extended major project! 4 months is a bit daunting but I have chosen something interesting to keep me entertained! I'm continuing with themes from last term as they worked well. developing a signature style is also key for future clients. So still looking at social factors and creating crowd scenes with narratives. My topic is nightlife/alcohol and drugs. creating scenes of this nature means I am commentating on society and peoples lives. I need to involve humour- I DO NOT want to say anything (at the moment) about whether or not these things are bad for you because I like doing these things myself. I'll be looking at how alcohol affects people as a crowd, the behaviour, attitudes and the things they get up to. I will involve stereotypes and things that my audience will recognise as typical scenarios people get up to on nights out, excellent for me as i get to lots of locations research by going out myself! :D

Artists inspiration

Sam Bell

Sam Bell also graduated from Bournemouth. He creates surreal crowd images with a good simple colour scheme, he's inspiring me to be more surreal and I want to try colour like him.

Andrew Rae

Rae also creates crowds but using smaller people and from a different perspective. He comments on society but creating surreal people/things doing regular things like at a party. I want to try different perspectives.

Hieronymus Bosch

Bosch is a 15th century painter and is know for his fantastical use of imagery, he illustrate moral and religious narratives. He is good inspiration as he uses people who look a bit defunct like on alcohol, as you can see above someone being sick-good reference for me. He creates 'hellish' imagery, which for me to do something similar which involves alcohol could be humorous! depicting people intoxicated as 'hellish' creatures!

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