Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Self Portrait

This is drawn from photo of moi, obviously a little intoxicated and knowing me, this pose would have happened! I wanted to chose a funny image and one that shows not to take yourself too seriously, my work is very humorous and I want this to come across. The reason I drew this is that I'm thinking about putting it on my promotional material for the project.

Adding and thought process for the final.

Thinking about the final to be a large scale image, a few meters by a few meters, i wanted to try out the process of fitting the A1 pieces together. I drew on from the 'a shambles' piece as you can see below. It works okish, but 'a shambles' was already finished so I had to work with what I already had. The characters added to the bottom had to be large so they could fit with the scale. The real thing will obviously be designed and calculated before hand so the character sizing will work better.

To change format

I decided to experiment with a format that I've used in the past. Long and thin. These two images actually are a piece of A1 cut in half length ways and they fit together. The influence or research I've tried to include is again off the survey...mainly things people have found shocking or funny. I don't particularly like it the way they are, they need to have more imagery in background which I will do later and post up. They don't flow very well and lack excitement.

Drugy View

I sent a survey out for research, asking what people get up to nights out, what they have seen; both shocking and funny, and what they have seen on drugs(if they do them). It was fun and interesting to read the results! It just shows how society changes at night. This image here is one made from the results of the drug asked question. I tried to include most of the imagery that was described to me. Pingu, a chinese dragon, a hand splitting in half.... This works well I think as people can relate, and including some 'normal' looking people means that it is half surreal, half not. A balance between the previous 'so very surreal' scene and the 'a shambles' scene. It's visually simulating. In the final I think I need this mix of surreal.

SO very surreal

So I was doodling one day in my sketchbook and drew this weird scene. It refers nightlife in a brisk, hellish way, influenced by Sam Bell's illustrations. I then drew it on A1 paper. I'm not sure how I came up with it, but I think it's different from previous work as there isn't a strong sense of foreground and background, also the surrealness brings a different element. A view on how some people can change or how people seem different when they're influenced. I like it as a one off, but don't think I will continue with THIS much surreal imagery.