Monday, 28 February 2011

Confidence and Inhibitions

A lot of people already know the ironic relationship between booze and confidence :

"There is a terrible irony about the relationship between alcohol and self-esteem. You can drink to boost your confidence, and it can work for a long time; but nothing wrecks self-esteem more surely than the realisation that you've become dependent on the stuff"

But keeping in a light-hearted tone, I just wanted to convey the 'gaining confidence when you drink' part. It could have many funny undertones. Everybody knows a quite person, who when has a few, changes to a loud, drunken buffoon! I chose to draw a rather large lady, who after a drink or two, decides to do some witty flirting with someone in the distance. Trying to be sexy is her game; giving the gesture that she can lick her own nipple! LOL but I don't know if people will find this offensive (sorry if you do!) Again black fine liner, I do like the composition and the attention to detail in the bar.

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