Friday, 18 March 2011

Sketchbook Page- Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress is my guilty pleasure. It makes for a more entertaining night, and especially with a themed venue aswell. I'm sure most people will have done fancy dress in some way or another, whether it's trying on a silly hat or going the full hog! Patterns, colours and face paint! This image was a try out page of some fancy dress, I think the patterns and accessories excite the page, as well as the line quality working well. I will definately contribute fancy dress to the final images.

Sketchbook Page- A Queue

So here is the queue try out. I quite like the perspective but if I do it again I would need it to be longer with more interesting characters.. I like it but it is not as strong as the other crowd images I have done. If I do it again it would need to be longer and more exciting.

Andrew Rae

Another image by Andrew Rae, Just wanted to show this as it give me inspiration for the above piece. A queue is the ultimate crowd and shows a lot of people from society.  Rae's image is particularly good as its shows a Star Wars convention, which usually holds plenty of interesting people!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sketchbook Page - Surreal Vibes

Visual exploration into possible surreal themes that could run throughout the images. The top coloured beast is perhaps showing people changing when the've had a drink. I like the shocking value. The bottom, perhaps a metaphor to the drink controlling and changing you. After having a tutorial I have decided to create a life size image of the man, the same theme- passed out, but the people all over him will be having their night out on top of him! I'll keep you posted on how that is going.

Jaki Jo

Jaki Jo is a recently established illustrator, and the above images are from a series called 'Self Portrait', for which she won first prize in the 2008 Student D&AD competition. She is interested in the surreal, black comedy, grotesque. She plays with emotions and taboos. Her images strike me. The choices of imagery are similar to mine... weird, shocking, the cruel and demented society. I am a big fan already, and her colour choices are something I could strive towards.

Inky Drunky Faces

More dip pen and brown ink tries. I like this and think it may be really effective bigger with more faces. However it may not show continuality of my signature style.

Sketchbook Page - Progression

Another smaller try out of following a girl through the night.. It shows that the minimum stages to show this is three. It's short but has a narrative. May be nice to do a longer one.

Sketchbook Page-Celebs

A try out of drawing celebs again. Here you have the Hoff, eating a kebab when drunk and Vern Troyer, driving his scooter into a wall when had a few! Still very unsure that people will recognise what is going on.

David LaChapelle

A photographer I came across the other day. LaChapelle uses popular culture to document America's obsessions and compulsions.
"My hope is that through the narratives told in my images, I will engage people and connect with them addressing the same ideas or questions that possibly challenge them." (LaChapelle, D,, BIO)
This particular image is called 'Deluge' (2009). He is conveying a material world and how people would act and what they would do if these things were taken away from them. You can see a narrative and he used a crowd scene. It is an inspiring theme, as I'm took looking at something we take for granted, ans a controversial issue - alcohol. Additionally he is using photography and real people as a means for recording the issues- its great to see a different medium being used.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Drunken baby

I'm showing you this video because it is extremely funny. Not only that but it fits to this project very well. It shows that we as a society think drunk people are funny. It can be a stereotype on its too, as obviously the baby is not drunk but the mannerisms of a baby are that of a drunk person. Some of the comments under the video were "standard brit on holiday". Its great that 'drunkness' can be re-anacted in some many contexts!