Saturday, 5 May 2012


I have recently moved to Leicester and went to see the Tony Award winning 'Avenue Q' at DeMontfort Hall. What could get better than rude, swearing muppets?!


Recently staying with my friend in London I went to the Hunterian Museum in Lincoln's fields- Amazing but made my stomach go a little-should check it out-loads of animal and human parts (some deformed) in jars. 
Then I saw Damien Hirst's exhibition at the Tate Modern.. great to see his works first hand, and butterfly room-beautiful!^^ 

Card lovin'

A selection of cards made for some of the people that I know.

Fracture Systems

An ongoing commission from geology company Fracture Systems. Drawing drills, rock, bore holes and the like! Not what I'm used to but a good challenge and good experience.

Poster personal

A couple of personalised posters I did for my muvva and my friend.. experimenting with fonts, colour, thickness and size.

NHS commission

My mums works at the NHS as a health visitor and her team decided to commission me to do two images for a worksheet aimed at teaching new parents about the safety of dogs. Image one- scary dog about to snap-bit of a terrifying image but I think it gets the message across. Image 2-dosile dog walking with family- women is considered by the team to be very relatable by audience as she is of ethnic background. 

Long time no see

So I've been away for a while but am going to try and make it a mission to get back to blogging! I graduated with a 2.1 yip yip! So there's a few things we need to catch up on....

I was part of an exhibition in October in London called Parallax, was a good experience and so much  wicked work from some upcoming new artists! I didn't manage to if anyone wants to buy!