Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Web is where it's at


My website is up, designed on Indexhibit a templated web helper. It's simple and shows my work well, however I would like to create one on Dreamweaver at a later date. I wanted thumbnails down the left hand side but couldn't have them! I realise all my promo stuff has .com not .host22.com I will rectify this before the exhibitons.


Another promotional thing I have done is create a beer bottle with my contact info and designs on them. I designed and sent of for the labels, bought the bottles online. They are filled with alcohol free lager shandy because I don't want to have to ID people and alcohol is expensive! I think it is ironic how I'm giving out alcohol free beer and yet all my imagery is of drunken people! I made up the bottles and will give them out at exhibitions, up to you whether you want to drink or keep!

Promo BEER MAT business cards

 So for promotional materials I designed and sent away for 1000 beer mat business cards! Really fits with the project-nightlife. I am really happy with them, they have my info/self portrait and logo on one side and an illustration of 'grouped' on the other. I hope they are a bit different and will help me get remembered at exhibitions.

The Final Installment

This image is actually 4 A1 pages put together! so pretty big. The technique was putting the pages up on my wall and sketching straight on to it in pencil. Getting all the characters the right proportions and in the right place was a challenge but I'm glad I did it big as it's pretty epic. It's a sum up of the whole project, a drunken view of society. A hellish view of what happens at night. The imagery is fresh and exciting, there is so much to look at. I am very happy.


This is a character and body study, a different experiment. Allowing room for the whole figure meant I could concentrate more on the clothing and stereotype I am trying to portray. Having to explore the different heights of the characters to break up the page was new and fun. I love this image as much as the crowd images. It has a real sense of society.

A take on Gulliver's Travels

At first I thought about creating an image that involved a man passed out from alcohol and adding little figures doing weird, gross stuff to him. Then I realised it's much like Gulliver's Travels! The way there is a huge figure mixed with lots of little ones. So they are having their night out on him, or doing things to him that you might do when you've drunk. The little people could be a metaphor for what we put our bodies through. The people could be like the alcohol-controlliing him. The format is huge. The person is life size in reality. The image is very different to the crowd scenes, which make my portfolio look more vast in the styles that I can do.

Let's go get a kebaby

Everybody wants to eat after they've drunk, it's a fact. This location is essential to my project. Another narrative scene, experimenting with a hint of surrealism- the chilli through the tongue for example. Used stereotypes and the same style that is consistent through out this project. I have also drawn this because I want to include some aspect of kebab eating/kebab shop in my final image.